Auditory Electrophysiology Lab Personnel

Lab Director
Kathy Vander Werff 400x400.jpgKathy R. Vander Werff
Associate Professor Communication Sciences and Disorders
1200 621 Skytop

Lab Members
Christopher Edward Niemczak
AuD/PhD Student
Christopher Niemczak completed a Bachelor of Science degree in communication sciences and disorders with a minor in chemistry at The University of Vermont in 2013. He is currently working on his combined Au.D./Ph.D. at Syracuse University under the mentorship of Dr. Kathy Vander Werff. His interests include audiologic diagnostic/rehabilitation of those with traumatic brain injury. While in pursuit of his combined doctorate, Christopher serves at a graduate assistant in the Syracuse University audiology program, and a hearing aid technician in the Gebbie Hearing Clinic.

Kenneth Morse
AuD/PhD Student
Kenneth completed his Bachelor of Science in psychology at Lafayette College in 2014. He is currently enrolled in the dual Au.D./Ph.D. program at Syracuse University. His interests include the physiology, diagnosis, and treatment of tinnitus. In addition to his research under the mentorship of Dr. Kathy Vander Werff, Kenneth serves as a clinical doctorate student at the Gebbie Hearing Clinic and at audiological sites throughout the city of Syracuse.

Sidorela Doci
AuD Student
Sidorela Doci completed her bachelors degree in Communications Science and Disorders at Syracuse University in 2016. She is currently a first year AuD student working under the mentorship of Dr. Kathy Vander Werff.

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